the Radio Attic

This giveaway will award FIVE $100 coupons to the winners to be used to purchase radios at the Radio Attic!

a) An official entry will consist of an e-mail sent to me (, with the entrant's name, address, and phone number.  I will NOT sell or give away this information to anyone.  I will only use the e-mail address for the new radios notification e-mails.

b) Entries must be received BEFORE 12:01AM (0001 hours) on July 1, 2019.  Late entries will be disqualified.

c) Entrants will be automatically added to the new radios subscription so they will receive notification with new radios go up for sale.  Entrants may not opt out of this at time of entry, although they may do so after July 1.

d) The winning entry will be selected at random at 11:00 AM Central Time on July 1, and the winner will be notified immediately.

e) The winning coupon must be redeemed before the end of July; any winning coupon not redeemed by August 1 will be voided.

f) No Radio Attic seller is required to sell to any particular buyer.  If the winning buyer has any adverse history with a seller such that the seller will no longer do business with that buyer, the Radio Attic seller will not be required to accept the winning coupon.

g) The winning coupons may be redeemed in ONE purchase each with ONE seller for any radio or radio-related item on the Radio Attic,

    1) for ONE item with a purchase price of $100 or more,
    2) for more than one item with purchase prices of less than $100.  The total value of the coupon will be split between the radios in equal amounts.  Any remaining funds from the coupon used in this purchase will go back to the Radio Attic.

h) The Radio Attic will credit the funds in the coupon to the seller from whom the winning entrant purchases a radio (or radios).

i) No part of the winning coupon may be redeemed for cash at any time.

i) Winners may purchase a radio only from sellers who ship radios to the winner's home country.

j) Radio Attic sellers or family members may not enter the giveaway.

k) The Radio Attic reserves the right to CHANGE any of these rules before July 1, 2019.