You have been directed to this page because an eBay seller has linked to this site.  There are a number of reasons why they do this.

Usually, it's because a similar model radio has sold at the Radio Attic for a much better price than the radio in the auction.  The eBay seller thinks that by showing you an image of a higher quality Radio Attic radio and its selling price, that you are a boob and will bid higher, regardless of the operating and/or cosmetic condition of the eBay radio.  An eBay seller with a really good radio won't bother to do this, because his radio will stand on its own merits.

However, when the eBay radio is junk, the seller will look for a superior example on the internet in order to encourage you to bid on his piece of junk radio.  Do not be fooled by this tactic. 

As for the seller who directed you to this site, look upon him with the same contempt as I do.  Don't buy his piece of junk eBay radio.  Buy your radios at the Radio Attic instead!

-- Friendly Webmaster