You can see larger photos by clicking on the thumbnails.

This is something you've already seen.  Ceiling panels are loose and the piece that separates them will not stay in place.  You mentioned needing to order a part when we took delivery.

Getting ready to make the bed for the first time, I found a large tear in the mattress; I'd like it replaced.

The screen door still will not close.  Looking more closely, there's a visible gap between it and the frame (screen door appears smaller than the door opening).  I'd like this repaired or replaced.


Something got bashed against the door frame to make these dents.  Please hammer them out.


The panel at the bottom of the galley cabinets is badly warped.  Please replace these panels.  The shelf over the bed is also badly warped and needs to be replaced.


The panel on he bottom of the medicine cabinet looks as though it was installed by a blind man.

Awful fit & finish in the head.  The wood for the plumbing channel was cut too long for the shower base to fit.  Rather than re-cut the wood, the assemblers jammed the shower base into place; I feared this would leak and it does.


I know all RV manufacturers do sloppy work, but I could tell with my eyes closed that the rear-view camera mount was crooked..

Other issues:

1) The stovetop was sitting unsecured on top of the stove.  A spring tab that holds it down was bent as though someone tried to smash it closed.  I bent it back but would like it checked and repaired so the top can be removed easily for cleaning.

2) There is a small cut in the bathroom wall fabric.  Please either fix or secure so the cut does not get larger.

3) Bottom galley drawer will not lock closed.

4) Loose stuff was everywhere.  The worst were a loose connection on the toilet's water inlet that leaked, and two 12-volt terminals under the front end of the camper that were so loose that I wondered how power was getting out.

I would like quotes for the following modifications:

1) Install a 12-volt outlet next to the 120VAC outlet by the bed on the street side.

2) Install two light fixtures (same as others in the camper) on the curved wall behind the bed.

3) Build platforms on the floor to raise the dinette seats to a more comfortable height for old people..